Increase machine productivity and efficiency through spare parts management

Any component with moving parts has a limited life cycle.

A construction machine owner should consider a well-planned spare parts system having the right spare parts. Having parts on hand offers a greater chance of eliminating unwanted downtime.Find the used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb

When the machine stops, the losses are multiple, such as employee inactivity, lost of contracts and orders, just to name a few.

It should not be overlooked that in the event that the machine stops due to a breakdown, the inability to have the correct replacement parts can lead to higher costs. For example such as the additional costs of requesting a fast delivery or the safety risk by implementing an improper repair to try to get the machine working again without the proper replacement.

Having a basic supply of spare parts on hand can reduce the risks and problems identified above.

But how do you know which spare parts a heavy machine owner should always have available?

First, it is necessary to identify which machines have the greatest impact on production. Consequently, focusing on older machines that are no longer in production, as replacement parts can be difficult to obtain. It is very important consider when request parts, especially at short notice, and therefore forced to go to the non–genuine parts market of usually poor quality.

Therefore, the objective of spare parts management should be to ensure the lowest possible overall cost, both in economic terms and in terms of productivity.

Spare parts management is a determining factor for better machine efficiency.used industrial tyres and rims

Maintenance of machines and organization of spare parts

Routine maintenance implies the need to organize an efficient system of available spare parts. An understanding of which cannot be dispensed whit.

For scheduled maintenance, on the other hand, spare parts must be requested within a specified period. For these, it is useless to manage the warehouse, it is rather useful to know the life cycle of each important component for the functionality of the machine.

What can the maintenance manager do to keep everything under control?

First, you must generate consumption statistics and then maintain a close collaboration with the suppliers of the parts to ensure their availability with acceptable delivery times. In addition, you must constantly communicate with maintenance technicians to know the status of machines in real time and classify spare parts according to their strategic importance.used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb catalog

Therefore, it is advisable to always have the so-called critical spare parts available, that is, those that reduce machine downtime due to breakdowns.

It is understandable that a company does not have the financial availability to buy, for example, a transmission or an engine and keep them in stock. But a machine which doesn’t work cannot be afforded.

To overcome these problems, you can contact Taop Parts. We have thousands of spare parts available for machines such as wheel loaders, excavators, dump truck, bulldozers, backhoe, loaders etc.

Taop Parts offers recycled, original, verified and reliable spare parts that save money for the machine owner, but above all it gives you the opportunity to have your own warehouse for spare parts, especially for critical ones.

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Tires or chains?

Today we will treat with a very important topic concerning the difference between wheeled and crawler machines.

Let’s start with the first statement: earthmoving machines have wheeled and crawler versions and various factors come into play when it comes to choosing between them. These are factors related to the type of work to perform, the type of surface on which to carry it out, the load capacity, etc.used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb catalog Continue reading Tires or chains?

Presentation of machinery catalog updated 2020

Catalog updated 2020


our machine's fleet

Spare parts available: Engine, Transmission, Refrigeration, Electrical System, Hydraulic System, Pneumatic System, Axes and Filming.

Therefore, we have more than 10,000 spare parts in our stock.

The engine: the element that converts power into hydraulic force

The engine represents one of the most important elements of excavators, loaders, dump truck, bulldozers, backhoe loaders and mini excavators.

Obviously, each type of machine will have a specific engine to adapt to the size and capacity of each individual machine.

Find the used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb

Taop Parts, leader of the sale of original re-usable spare parts sector, checks the functioning of each engine before dismantling, certifying its correct functionality. As mentioned, each machine has a different type of engine. Let’s see what the characteristics are. Continue reading The engine: the element that converts power into hydraulic force

The cabin: the heart of the earth moving machines

Excavators, wheel loader, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, etc. lift very heavy materials during excavations and land handling in general.

These operations are carried out through the tools available to the operator such as the bucket which, thanks to the arm and the movement of the cylinder, carries out the excavations.

The operator activates the tools inside the cabin and it is made up of a series of elements and represents its control station.Used cabin Komatsu

Continue reading The cabin: the heart of the earth moving machines

Hydraulic cylinder: types and operating

Taop Parts offers hydraulic cylinders recovered from original machines, which have been tested and are ready to be installed.

Hydraulic cylinders are important components in earth-moving machines, such as excavators and wheel loaders, as they transform hydraulic force into linear movement, by facilitating the lifting and moving of heavy materials.

used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb catalog

The cylinder works thanks to the hydraulic system, consisting of pumps, pipes and hydraulic fluid.

A hydraulic cylinder is a tube closed at one end with a rod that moves inside. Inside the cylinder we find a piston. The piston separates the internal side of the cylinder from the external one. The fluid moves to both sides of the cylinder to extend or retract the rod.

Hydraulic cylinders can push, pull and lift different types of loads with different weights and sizes.

Continue reading Hydraulic cylinder: types and operating

Stock extension: Volvo L110G Wheel Loader


The most versatile machine in the VolvoCe range arrives at our facilities. The Volvo L110G Wheel Loader is designed to move and load various types of materials and to work on many job sites.

Find the used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb

Taop Parts technicians have checked the functionality, both general and of the engine; below are the test videos.

General functionality

Engine funcionality

All spare parts are in perfect condition and available for sale.

Continue reading Stock extension: Volvo L110G Wheel Loader

Tips on when to replace the components of heavy machines

Heavy machines such as wheel loader, backhoe loader, dump truck, bulldozers, etc., are essential in a construction, public works company, in a quarry or mine and they should be used correctly, it must be handled by skilled personnel and periodically checked.

It is very important to know the operation of each component, to carry out the appropriate tests.

Find the used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb Continue reading Tips on when to replace the components of heavy machines

THE BACKHOE LOADER: the masterpiece of heavy machines

The backhoe loader is an essential machine in earthmoving works. Due to their (relatively) small size and versatility, backhoes are very common in urban engineering projects and small construction projects (such as building a small house, repairing urban roads, etc.).

Continue reading THE BACKHOE LOADER: the masterpiece of heavy machines

How to detect problems in the fluid system of wheel loaders, bulldozers, dumpers and excavators

Efficiency is a key issue when we talk about the operation of excavators, loaders, dumpers, bulldozers, etc.

The owners of heavy machines and their operator use fewer resources to complete certain jobs than others, certainly have a competitive advantage because they use the equipments more effectively.

Scheduled and preventive maintenance, which we always recommend to be carried out regularly, is the best ally to avoid breakdowns and damage to the machine.

In this article we will deal with a very important topic, namely how to detect any contamination in the fluids present in a heavy machine.

used spare parts komatsu volvo jcb

Continue reading How to detect problems in the fluid system of wheel loaders, bulldozers, dumpers and excavators