Tips for buying recycled spare parts for heavy machinery

In this article we will give you some tips on how to evaluate recycled spare parts based on technical information and photos.

Preliminary considerations

Buying spare parts for heavy machinery is very similar to buying used spare parts for a car. Obviously, the shopping experience will be positive or negative in relation to the supplier we buy from.

At Taop Parts, all machines are inspected and tested according to very strict quality protocols. Obviously, the tests are not standard, since they depend on the characteristics of each machine.

There are many operations carried out by the technical department of Taop Parts before proceeding to disassemble the machines. First, they check the general operation of the machine, the mobility of the arm and the tools. Then they check the engine. In our YouTube channel it is possible to see the general functional tests and the engine.

The mechanics who perform the tests also evaluate the conditions of the seat and the cabin equipment, in order to ensure that everything works comfortably and safely for all operators.

Additionally, metal contamination is evaluated by analysing oil samples. This ensures that essential components such as the transmission are free from internal failures.

If you are buying a used part for the first time or are curious what to consider when purchasing recycled parts, then you arrived to the right place. Below, we will provide you with interesting tips to make your best shopping experience possible.

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Technical information on components

Before buying, it is necessary to know the hours of operation of the machine to understand what the possible wear of the spare part is. You also have to see all the images available if you buy from a distance.

Taop Parts provides all technical information about the machine, from working hours to technical reports.

Conditions in which the machine worked

sea excavator

This information is not always available. If, on the other hand, this information is available, it must be considered that if the machine has been used on sandy soils, the wear will be more evident on the running gear. On the contrary, it has been used in the city, for example on frozen floors, we can see strong corrosion of the external parts. But if it has been used for garbage collection or demolition, the tracks and tires will be the most damaged components.

Checking the spare parts most likely to wear: photographic analysis

The evaluation of many components can be done simply by looking at the photos. Take pictures of tires, for example. But what to look for in the photo?


Frame and body

First, check that the tires have not been rebuilt. Unfortunately, this verification is not easy to do through an image; but here we reveal a little trick: rebuilt tires have a line around the entire tire ring. However, it is very easy to identify the cuts from the images. Cut tires are obviously dangerous for the operator and vehicle safety and they are totally ineffective.

Even undercarriage evaluation can be done using image analysis. In fact, if, for example, the teeth of an excavator gear wheels are very sharp, it means that they are worn. Also, if wear is observed on the gear wheels, it is very likely that the bearing of the links is also worn. Finally, if wear is visible on the end of a bushing, this is a sign that the lower rollers may be worn and rubbing against the bushing.

Assessing the roll-overprotective structure means making sure there is no damage to the four corner posts. All the welds are perfectly visible and if they are seen, it is better not to buy since in case of overturning the protection could be compromised with the risk of injury or even worse.excavator


Other spare parts that can be easily evaluated through the images are the buckets and blades, the wear of which is visible to the less experienced eye.


Tubes can also be evaluated based on their external conditions. It is important to ensure that there is no corrosion. And if this does not give the certainty that there are leaks, it is important to know that Taop Parts checks any leak in advance.

Final comment

Following these tips and checking the status of the part to buy does not make you a professional, but at least it is a starting point.

To make buying recycled parts less risky, turn to industry professionals like Taop Parts. Our technical department inspects and verifies each part both at the time of disassembly and when it is sent to the customer.

Taop Parts has been a leader in selling original recycled spare parts for earthmoving machines for several years.

Our presence in the market is due to the quality of our parts and the passion that the entire team puts into their work.

Our motto is to find the most effective and efficient solution to solve our clients’ problems.

Look for the spare parts you need in our catalogue.  And contact our sales representatives without compromise.

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