Cargadora Volvo L110G para piezas

Stock extension: Volvo L110G Wheel Loader


The most versatile machine in the VolvoCe range arrives at our facilities. The Volvo L110G Wheel Loader is designed to move and load various types of materials and to work on many job sites.

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Taop Parts technicians have checked the functionality, both general and of the engine; below are the test videos.

General functionality

Engine funcionality

All spare parts are in perfect condition and available for sale.

Spare parts and their functionalities


Volvo D7E, low emission turbocharged, 6 cylinders in line and 7 liters displacement, with “common rail“. The cooling system is an air-to-air intercooler type and an electronically controlled hydrostatic fan is present


The operator can choose between 4 different operating modes and, thanks to the new AUTO function, can program the gear most suitable for the job he is about to perform, simply by selecting the direction of travel.


The axles are fully integrated with the transmission thanks to an exceptional pulling force. They appear as floating axle shafts: fixed front axle and oscillating rear axle. 100% differential lock on the front axle.

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The disc brakes with oil bath ensure efficient braking and long life. The parking brake is mounted on the transmission and the secondary brake has two circuits with rechargeable accumulators.


The alarm system allows, through the central warning light, to control the following functions: Engine oil pressure; Supply air temperature; Fuel temperature; Transmission oil pressure; Brake and parking brake pressure; Hydraulic oil level; Steering system pressure, coolant level and temperature; Transmission oil temperature, hydraulic oil and axle oil; Brake pressure.


The steering is articulated, hydrostatic and load sensitive. The system is powered by a variable displacement axial piston pump. The steering cylinders are two double acting.


It is powered by 2 axial piston pumps with load sensing and variable flow which increases efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. The main valve is controlled by a two-coil pilot valve and in its lifting function the valve has four positions including lifting, holding, lowering and floating. In the tilt function, the valve has three functions including reverse, grip and tilt. The cylinders are double acting for all functions and the filtering of the whole flow takes place through a 20 micron (absolute) filter cartridge.


All information is centralized in the operator’s field of vision on the display of the Contronic control system. The cabin is equipped with a filtered air heating system and a four-speed fan. The operator seat is ergonomic with adjustable suspension and retractable seat belt; the operator can adjust the seat, the armrest, the hydraulic lever console and the steering wheel, and this allows him to have ideal comfort and increase his productivity. All service platforms and access stairs are equipped with non-slip surfaces. The inclination of the staircase facilitates entry into the cabin. The wide width of the windscreen, the low thickness of the uprights and the inclination of the hood ensure good panoramic visibility, thus increasing the level of safety. Finally, the powerful halogen lights located at the front and rear offer good visibility of the entire work area.


The unique lift arm system offers two solutions in one: excellent start and parallel movement during the lift stroke.

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Taop Parts is already dismantling the machine and spare parts available on our website: For any information on our spare parts, do not hesitate to contact our sales team by email:, WhatsApp: +34 689 791 639 or telephone number: +34 96 151 96 50 50 .


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