Intake Mainfold 6211-11-5160 for Komatsu Wheel loader WA500-3 · (SKU: 651)

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Data sheet
Type Intake Mainfold
Brand Komatsu
Reference 6211-11-5160
Set type Engine
Origin component SA6D140E-3
State dismantled
Origin machine WA500-3
Machine category Wheel loader
Ubication SPAIN

Komatsu Intake Mainfold for WA500-3 Wheel loader (Ref. 6211-11-5160)

This machinery replacement is an original Komatsu spare part in a WA500-3 Wheel loader. The part number of this Komatsu Intake Mainfoldis 6211-11-5160.  

Used Komatsu Intake Mainfold

This used Komatsu Intake Mainfold is an original second hand Komatsu piece.A Komatsu Intake Mainfold removed from a Komatsu unit, model WA500-3; dismantled in TAOP PARTS’s workshop in SPAIN by highly qualified in dismantling machinery and Komatsu spare parts reconditioning mechanics.


This is a Komatsu spare part ready to be used as replacement in Komatsu Wheel loader machinery.

This Komatsu Intake Mainfold for WA500-3 (Part Num. 6211-11-5160) is now available for sale. This Komatsu spare part is stored in our SPAIN facilities and can be delivered to any country. You can request information about this Komatsu Intake Mainfold for WA500-3 Wheel loader (Ref. 6211-11-5160), about its delivery and its price by completing the attached contact form or calling us at customer service line (+34 96 151 96 50).

In case the Komatsu Intake Mainfold for WA500-3 (Part num. 6211-11-5160) is not the spare part you are looking for, you can use our online machinery spare parts search engine to find the spare part you are seeking. In our wide catalogue you will find other types of Komatsu Intake Mainfold for Wheel loader units, other replacements for the model Komatsu WA500-3, and generally other spare parts from Komatsu, Volvo CE, Hitachi,…

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