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Komatsu S4D106-1F Engine for WB93-R (SKU:62869)

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Data sheet
Type Engine
Brand Komatsu
Reference 871070018
Origin component S4D106-1F
State dismantled
Origin machine WB93-R
Machine category Retrocargadora articulada
Ubication SPAIN

 Komatsu Engine S4D106-1F, with an installed power of ,  cylinders and displacement.

This Engine complies with the requirements. These regulations change depending on the continent where the machine is purchased. In relation to its emission standards, in terms of amount of pollution that can be produced by an engine.

The reference set 871070018 is used for Retrocargadora articulada WB93-R. In Taopparts, it has previously passed a verification and checking process of all its components. One of these tests we perform with a pressure gauge, is the compression test, to termine which performance can be provided. Always to supply the best quality of our spare parts Komatsu.

Consult for this product to our commercial agents. If you indicate your destination, we will send the best product offer, with the best transport possibilities (air, maritime or road).

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