Komatsu Roller 20Y-30-08091 for PC240NLC-8 · (SKU: 53579)

Komatsu Roller 20Y-30-08091 for PC240NLC-8 · (SKU: 53579)
Technical datasheet
Origin machinePC240NLC-8
Machine categoryCrawler excavator

Komatsu 20Y-30-08091 Roller for machines model PC240NLC-8

Komatsu 20Y-30-08091 Roller for machines model PC240NLC-8. It is a original Komatsu spare part. This Komatsu spare part for PC240NLC-8 is available in our SPAIN warehouse and we can deliver it to any country.

It's a Komatsu spare part suitable for Komatsu Crawler excavator machines. This Komatsu 20Y-30-08091 Roller has been checked and verified by Komatsu spare parts specialist mechanics.  

Request information about this Komatsu 20Y-30-08091 Roller for PC240NLC-8 , about its price or its delivery through the contact form or through the telephone number +34 96 151 96 50.


Used Komatsu Roller

This used Komatsu Roller is an original second hand Komatsu piece.A Komatsu Roller removed from a Komatsu unit, model PC240NLC-8; dismantled in TAOP PARTS’s workshop in SPAIN by highly qualified in dismantling machinery and Komatsu spare parts reconditioning mechanics.


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