Komatsu Pipe E07108-20406 for D6 · (SKU: 1808)

Komatsu Pipe E07108-20406 for D6 · (SKU: 1808)
Technical datasheet
Origin machineD6
Serial number45001-
Set typeHydraulic system

 Komatsu Pipe reference E07108-20406 from D6 for.

Komatsu original spare part for use in machinery of the class: It is an original spare part removed from a dismantled Komatsu D6 SPAIN. 

The Komatsu part number of this Pipe is E07108-20406. 


Checked spare Komatsu Pipe E07108-20406 

This Pipe has been inspected by mechanics qualified in Komatsu machinery and has passed the TAOP PARTS quality assurance review. The Pipe is in optimal condition to use as spare part in a Komatsu D6 unit or another Komatsu model which accepts this part number (E07108-20406).

Available Komatsu Pipe for D6 in SPAIN

The Komatsu Pipe E07108-20406 from D6 for type machinery is stored in our warehouse in SPAIN and we can deliver it to any country.

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  • Telephone +34 96 151 96 50.
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* In case this were not the Komatsu Pipe (or generally a Komatsu spare part) you need, you can use the machinery spare parts search engine from the top. You will find other Komatsu D6 spare parts, other part numbers from the Komatsu Pipe category and generally, other spare parts from different makers of loaders, excavators, dozers,…

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